Loan borrowing? Calculate the benefit

Borrowing money can be cheaper. Re-lending an existing loan can be beneficial. Your old loan can be converted into a new and cheaper loan. It is possible that interest rates have fallen and that borrowing is now cheaper than when taking out the loan.

In addition, banks, mail order companies or credit card companies offer expensive loans. These expensive loans can easily be taken out. You can easily save tens to hundreds of USD with this. Bankate lists the lowest loan rates in the Netherlands.

Transfer several small loans to one large loan

Transfer several small loans to one large loan

Do you have several small loans? Then it may be wise to transfer it to one larger loan. This can result in savings in monthly payments. Merging loans also offers more overview.

What types of loans can be taken out?

What types of loans can be taken out?

These loans are regularly taken out:

  • Revolving credit
  • Personal loan
  • Red balance on a payment account
  • Credit cards
  • Mail order credits

The amount of the loan also determines loan interest. From a loan of 25,000 onwards, the lowest loan rates apply. This makes it extra interesting to combine several small loans into one total credit. With a revolving credit you can also agree a higher credit limit on the loan, but you cannot withdraw the full amount. You then only pay interest on the borrowed amount, but the monthly installment is determined on the basis of the agreed credit limit.

You do not pay a fine for the transfer of a revolving loan, a red balance on a payment account, a credit card or a mail order credit. The personal loan cannot always be agreed without penalty. Despite that, it can still be beneficial to take out a personal loan. The fine may not exceed 1% of the outstanding loan amount. The fine on a loan of $ 10,000 is therefore at most $ 100. With a new loan that has a lower interest rate, this $ 100 is often quickly recovered.

Start comparing loans now. Our overview shows all interest rates of the lenders in the Netherlands. Click on ” info ” behind the lenders to read everything about the loans from this offering and to see if transfer is advantageous.

Apply for a loan

Apply for a loan

Simply apply for a loan based on our comparison and see immediately how much you can save if you transfer your existing loans.

Choose the loan amount that suits you best for the lowest loan interest and request a free quote.

  • 5,000 USD
  • 10,000 USD
  • 15,000 USD
  • 25,000 USD
  • 50000 USD
  • 75,000 USD

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