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The financial situation of car insurers is not too rosy. Various insurance companies have already increased their premiums and we expect more to follow. But not all insurance companies have increased their premiums. So it’s time to compare. How does that work? You can read that here. When you have compared your car insurance, you can request a quote or even take out an insurance policy immediately.

Premium overview

Premium overview

When you have compared your car insurance you will see a premium overview. You can see the cheapest insurance here, which is always at the top of the list. Unless you indicate with the arrows that you want to select on ‘coverage’, ‘deductible’ or ‘customer opinion’. If you click on multiple insurance policies, you can compare them below at ‘compare details’. You will then see all the plus and minus points of the various car insurance policies in a row.

Request for quotation is not always possible

You may not be able to request a free quote from all insurers. Some companies do not want to receive requests for quotations via our website. Lender wants to be transparent and has therefore chosen to include these insurers in the comparison. This gives you an objective picture of the possibilities that you have.

Would you still like to receive a quote from the relevant insurer? Then contact our customer service and do not forget to mention the reference number (for example 35). They can use this to find out which insurer it is. You can then contact the insurer yourself.


Request quote

Request quote

When you have made the comparison and would like to request a quote, you can click on ‘free quote’. You must enter your personal details in this overview:

  • Sex
  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • telephone number

Once you have entered this information, you can view your quote and you will immediately see the name of the insurer. You can then print the quotation, view it via PDF or even close it immediately. Do not be afraid that when you click on close, you immediately have an insurance policy. You will first receive an email from Lender. You will find here the details of the car insurer and how you can take out the insurance. If you have requested several quotes, you can place the quotes next to each other again and think about it for another night.

Take out a new car insurance policy immediately.

Shut down

Shut down

With a number of insurers you will be forwarded to the relevant insurer after you have opted for taking out insurance. You can then immediately take out your insurance there.


Additional car insurance

Additional car insurance

It is also possible that you will take out car insurance through Lender. You can now also opt for any additional insurance policies such as occupant accidents, occupant damage and legal assistance. If you opt for damage insurance for passengers, accident passenger insurance is not required.

Personal and car data

You will then see the monthly premium (without the additional insurance policies). You must also enter the details of your car here such as:

  • The policyholder is a regular driver.
  • License plate holder. Indicate here the name on which the license plate of the car is registered.
  • The license plate.
  • The report code. You can find the report code on license plate lb. The report code also corresponds to the last four digits of the chassis number or identification number. You can find these numbers on registration certificate part l.
  • Then indicate whether the security of your car is certified.
  • State what you are using the car for and whether you are driving it abroad.
  • Indicate whether you have leased, financed, rented or rented your car. You must provide an explanation if 1 of the situations applies.
  • If you already have or have had insurance, you can enter it here.
  • You can also indicate how your claim-free years are demonstrated. After your car insurance ends, the insurer will put your number of claim-free years in the central Roy Data database. Your new insurance policy then checks your claim-free years in Roy Data. If you have a lease car, you are required to request a lease statement from your lease company.

After you have entered your personal details you will reach other details.

  • Indicate here when you want the car insurance to commence.
  • You can also indicate your bank or giro account.
  • Damage past. State here how many damages you have suffered or caused in the last 4 years. This also includes window damage.
  • Details and general closing questions. – Indicate whether the driver has a note in his driver’s license. For example, whether the driver is only allowed to drive in a machine. – Indicate whether the driver has undergone a criminal investigation in the past 8 years or whether his driving license has been denied. – Indicate whether the driving ability of you or the driver is restricted. For example due to a physical disability, illness or medication. – Indicate whether an insurance company has canceled, refused or accepted insurance under restrictive conditions in the past 8 years.

Finally, you must agree to the final statement, in which you declare that the answers given are correct and complete. You also indicate that you agree with the terms and conditions.

Contract duration and reflection time

The contract duration of your car insurance is one year. You have 14 days to change your mind after you have taken out the insurance. You can cancel the insurance within this period and you will receive a refund of your premium. After the contract period of one year you can cancel your car insurance policy daily with a cancellation period of 1 month.

Policy folder

If you take out insurance with Lender you can request a policy folder. When you enter your e-mail address you will receive a username and password in your mailbox. You can adjust this later. If you already have a policy folder, you can indicate this with your username and password.



You can then take out your insurance and Lender will immediately check whether you are accepted by the insurer. You will immediately see this and you will be notified via email. Sometimes an insurer wants to check the application first. Then you will receive provisional coverage. With this you can be on the road with your car insured. Are you unable to resolve your car insurance policy or do you have any questions? Then please contact our customer service.

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